Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chak De! India

Normally I am not really into sports movies but I really enjoyed this one.
It stars Shah Rukh Khan as a former captain of the Indian field hockey team. He has been made the scapegoat after India loses to Pakistan in a very important game. No longer able to play the game and driven from his home in shame, several years later he comes back and becomes the coach for the women's field hockey team. He pledges to make them champions and is laughed at by officials.
The team itself proposes many challenges for their coach as there is a lot of internal bickering and unfriendly feelings amongst the players.

I found SRK to be very laid back and natural in this movie. No over the top acting and he seems very much like a real person, as opposed to he larger than life characters that he usually plays.

The girls who played the ladies hockey team were wonderful, with a variety of personalities and backgrounds that have a difficult time meshing together in the beginning but learn to become a real team. Between the coach's determination and the girls' eventual bonding,they end up winning the gold and Shah Rukh Khan's good reputation is restored.

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